Know Your Self

Hello All!


Do you know what happened to you when you are feeling discouraged, disappointed and fearful?

Do you ever have an idea what happened to you when you are in depression? Do you even know that you are in depression?

Depression is not an illness but it is important to that you are getting chance to understand yourself. You are getting one more way by which you can select new path. Depression is not bad but it is important to know how to be correct with yourself.

Depression word itself is heavy makes burden in mind that I am going to eve mad. Or if someone knows that I am in Depression they treat me as a patient. But no now no more such thoughts you need to do for this. In this distracting world it is now a days common to have these feeling which become behaviour and habits leads us to depression.

So examine yourself through below questionnaire... Each score will give you knowledge about yourself and do not be afraid if you find unusual Talk to us for Transformations...

1. Feeling Sad & down in Dump?

2. Feeling Unhappy or blue

3. Crying spells or tearfulness

4. Feeling discouraged

5. Feeling Hopeless

6. Low Self- esteem

7. Feeling worthless or inadequate

8. Guilty or shape

9. Criticizing yourself or blaming yourself

10. Difficulty making decision

11. Loss of interest in family, friends or colleagues

12. Loneliness

13. Spending less time with family or friend

14. Loss of Motivation

15. Loss of interest in work or other activities

16. Avoiding work or other activities

17. Loss of pleasure or satisfaction in life

18. Feeling Tires

19. Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much

20. Decreased or increased appetite

21. Loss of interest in sex

22. Worrying about your health

23. Do you have any suicidal thoughts?

24. Would you like to end your life?

25. Do you have plan for harming yourself?